Rarities is a series of once-only performance installations that focus on performance-based music that cannot be recreated. The series is curated by A. P. Vague in partnership with Harvester Arts.

Rarities 1 – Sun Songs: Solstice Vespers
Solstice Vespers was a temporary installation and performance at Harvester Arts on June 20th, 2017 that lasted from sunset to the end of civil twilight in honor of the summer solstice. All sounds were derived from samples recorded in June 2007.

Performers on sampled recordings:

Andrew Bales, Katherine Fugit, Zach Pavey, Katie Savastano, Alana Vague


Rarities 2 – Syzygy: Penumbral (threshold) studies – audio spectrum; occultation/transit composition for periapsis [the second in a series of “rarities”] frequency environment for live bassoon improvisation and pseudo-AI software manipulation//presented in octophonic 8-channel surround sound
Syzygy was an improvised performance by Gabi Vanek and A. P. Vague, created in honor of the solar eclipse. The performance took place at 08:21:07 UTC-6 in Wichita, KS and lasted 36 minutes 11 seconds.

Screen Shot 2017-08-20 at 10.12.16 PM

Rarities 3 – Nox: Movement

Chgoreoraphy by:
Cheyla Clawson Chandler

Dance performance by:
Aviance Maria, Cainan Spellman-Sak, Kenzie Gannaway, Hunter Jones, and Max Mayerle

Video and photography by:
Amanda Pfister

Sound and live electronics by:
A. P. Vague

Limited to one performance.
20th of April, 2018 at Harvester Arts
Beginning exactly at sundown:
8:09 pm CST
(20:09 UTC-6)

Audio from this piece was transmitted via radio in the immediate area at 81.1 FM.