At A Distance #3


At A Distance #3 will be held at Wedge Projects in early 2019.

Alastria Press, in conjunction with Wedge Projects, seeks proposals for individual artworks that, for their final form, can be made in the absence of the artist(s). To this end, we are asking interested artists to send only descriptions of and/or instructions for new pieces. Artist instructions can include supporting materials such as digital images, software, audiovisual files, drawing algorithms, performance scores, 3D models/assembly instructions, and other means of communicating how to realize the piece.

Works selected for At A Distance #3 will be produced by a small volunteer team, working in close communication with each artist. The final form and presentation of each piece may include curatorial choices in regards to scale and materials. These choices will be made in an effort to create the most faithful representation of the artist’s vision while using the gallery space and the relationships between individual artworks in the most effective ways possible.

Submissions to At A Distance #3 will be considered by a volunteer “curatorial” group. Selections will then be made based primarily on how closely this committee determines each proposal to have examined the task of working at a distance. The committee is specifically looking for projects that engage with the concepts of authorship, collaboration, communication, and process in compelling ways.

This project proposes an agreement between disparate actors as formalized by separation; by distance. Explicitly, At A Distance #3 asks all participants, whether artist, technician, curator, or collaborator, to cede some degree normally-assumed control in order to synthesize the cooperative action, creative intention and logistical factors required to create works of art under unusual conditions.

This will be the first At A Distance exhibition in Chicago. All applicants, regardless of location, are encouraged to apply.

Please send proposals via email to in .docx (preferred) or .pdf format. Proposals that include larger files such as images or videos should be sent with links to media files rather than with attachments. There is no length requirement.