At a Distance #2

Curated by Conan Y. Fugit and A. P. Vague
Spring 2018
Harvester Arts
Wichita, KS
All of the work in this exhibition was created without the artists present based on instructions.
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Still Movement
Lisa Apers, Denmark
aaa p10d
This piece tracks the movement of the viewer’s mouse, creating an ever-changing set of compositions in subtle blue and black tones that form an abstract geometry.

Jason Bernagozzi, USA
aaa p2
“Emergence” is a video that explores the tension between violence and intimacy at a small town pro wrestling match in Johnson City, NY. As the wrestlers engage in their dramatic struggle for dominance, the frame difference processing analyzes and exposes the intricate details of their movements, expressions and interactions. Paired with the song “Crying” by Roy Orbison, the artist frames the archetype of the pro wrestling match as a tension between consensual physicality and the performance of masculinity.

Mum & Me
Craig Black, Scotland
aaa p18
Craig Black’s practice deals with themes of love, trust, fear and pain; combining honest and heartfelt emotions to create works that offer the viewer an opportunity to reflect on personal experiences, relationships and thus opening dialogue on love and loss. His work marks a point of commemoration of what has been, whilst celebrating what is yet to come. Craig’s practice also allows him to work with disability, establishing himself in a physical way by leaving his unique mark on a piece. Nostalgia, sensitivity, melancholy, love, romanticism and honesty are integral to the preservation of memory and embody emotion, experience and thought.
“Mum & Me” features my hand and my Mum’s coming together in an unconditional loving embrace, the relationship of mother and son is sacred and becomes even more poignant with the love shared from my mum to my ectrodactyly hand. With reference to the emotional scene in Dumbo where the child is taken away from its mother, one hand must leave. Both hands struggle, holding tight until sadly one must leave. One lonely hand remains, waiting to be held once again. The hands of course come back together to create a warm and loving embrace. The hands come together and pull apart continuously to represent my struggle with being away from home and missing my mum, feeling scared and alone without her (whilst she was feeling the same way too). However the film also portrays the happiness and love we share when we are together that overcomes the feelings of loneliness.

Sara Bonaventura (with Annamaria Ajmone), Italy & Singapore
It’s a mystical and hallucinatory journey of a resilient subject, not yet completely seduced by the machines; entangled in their challenging system, but radiating dynamism while struggling for self determination. Getting lost, falling apart, splitting, vanishing and resetting. Finding balance in between. Soundtrack by Von Tesla. Wobulator powered by Signal Culture.

Caitlin Cocco, USA
aaa p11
Cocco’s work explores the capacity for flesh and its representations to create an uncanny sense of unease. With pieces that utilize the inhuman look of artifical “flesh-toned” items such as makeup, bandages, or underwear, Cocco pushes an aesthetic representation of the body toward revulsion. The piece “placeholder” involves the install team drawing faces from a template with flesh-colored lipstick, stopping when the lipstick ran out. The shape of the faces recalls a Munch-like discomfort and becomes a type of decorative pattern on the wall of the gallery.

Wake Up
Caleb Foss, USA
Audio, flyers
aaa p14
“Wake Up” may be heard by calling the telephone number 510-5-WAKE-UP. Its structure is based on the Shepard tone auditory illusion, which creates the false sense that a pitch is forever rising. The loop is infinite, and listeners may choose when they prefer to hang up.

Auto-portrait Rendered in Relation to a Global-Specific Local (or) There is No Up in Space
Roberto Jackson Harrington, USA
Found objects, laser prints
aaa p1
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This piece includes a camping placed at a specific angle calculated to correspond with the curvature of the earth’s surface between the gallery site in Wichita, Kansas and the artist’s studio in El Paso, Texas.

Keeping in Touch
Jeremy Jams, USA
Wallpaper, interactive performance
aaa p9
“Keeping in Touch” is an interactive installation. Visitors are asked to cut their hands out of the artist’s screen printed wallpaper and tack them to the wall of the exhibition space. The pattern on the wallpaper is a net that grows and evolves as more people participate in the project.
Jeremy Jams lives in Queens, NY and uses installations, drawings, and sculptures to explore interior spaces.

Tales from the Cyberspace
Found objects, QR codes, video, interactive performance
Karl Heinz Jeron, Germany
aaa p8
aaa p8b
qr copy
Jeron’s work proposes the kinds of disjointed narratives that use and question technological systems of information exchange. A series of videos depicting a confused dialogue between robots plays in randomized order when accessed via the printed QR codes. This piece calls for the install team to choose everyday objects to place in the space with the QR codes placed on them, which required us to make a number of decisions regarding what constitutes an “everyday” object; the notion that objects are never fully divorced from any cultural or symbolic association further complicates the matter. For this iteration, the install team chose objects that have some relation to media and communication.

Four Proposals for reclaiming poetic practice in an urban environment rich with commodification
Laura Leppert, Germany
Text, performance, photographs, audio
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What it Takes Series
Ellen Mueller, USA
aaa p16
The cheerleader is a compelling archetype when considering the dueling nature of being both a leader and conformist. I am interested in what it takes to maintain that duality; to be simultaneously an individual and a team member; being cheerful, on-point, ready, and prepared. What it takes to be a follower, a supporter, a woman, a patriot, a hero, a human; being trustworthy, loyal, fearless, bold, loud, synchronized, and well-practiced. I am asking questions about how this cliché is constructed and what are we left with after deconstruction.

Of Water and Silence
Christopher Mackie, USA
Origami, video
aaa p10
This piece simultaneously transmits ideas of motion and rest.

Vladimir Palibrk, France
Laser prints
aaa p19

Volker Schütz, Germany
aaa p17
SPIEGELLICHT is a love story.
are two people
trying to find each other
with the help of technology.
The technology is unsuitable.
This video is part of an international installation showing two people
who are trying to connect to each other with the help of technology.
There are antennas, broken connections, lost signals, some noise, lost carriers, some more noise, and somewhere, maybe, a picture of the beloved.
The video was supported by Saarland Medien GmbH.

A Swingset in Wichita, KS (From the Trash That Capitalism Has Left For Us)
Clint Sleeper, USA
Wood, rope, laser prints, photography

How do you know if you are somewhere or if you are nowhere?
Loraine Wible, France & USA
Post cards, voting boxes, interactive performance
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How do you know if you are somewhere or if you are nowhere?