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This project is an ongoing compendium of upcoming and planned art projects, starting with the year after the present. All artists are welcome to submit their anticipated works to this list. If you have an upcoming project you would like listed, please send a description and relevant imagery/audio/video/etc (if any) to apvague@gmail.com with “Current year +1” mentioned in the subject. Descriptions can be of any length. We are currently posting descriptions of artwork to be completed in 2019.


Martha Rettig and Sofie Hodara, “VR Type,” 2018
A search for “Virtual Reality” in the iPhone App Store reveals endless results, from VR Roller Coaster to Faith VR (Devotional Virtual Reality Experience). Most take advantage of the dynamic illusion of depth that virtual reality offers, yet the breadth of interactive virtual reality experiences is still being determined. Our project will extend this breadth, with a focus on text.
As artists, visual designers, and usability experts, Martha Rettig and Sofie Elana Hodara will create a system for Google Cardboard that allows users to explore the basics of typographic composition – setting and sizing small amounts of type, as well as adjusting letter and word spacing (kerning and leading) – in virtual reality. This multi-dimensional-six-word-memoir-meets-font-book-tool will be connected to a either a photo or 3D printer, where participants can “manifest” (print) their compositions.
The project will examine the basics of legibility in three dimensions, and explore what happens when a user can walk around and behind letterforms. Further, it will allow us to consider the constraints of printing from a three-dimensional digital world. Inspired, in part, by our recent experiences on the letterpress, we hope to bring the joy and physicality of printing in the studio to the digital realm.
Our next step is to recruit our colleague Cindy Bishop, creator of VR Doodler (insert link), to join our team. Bishop’s VR Doodler exemplifies some of our initial ideas about a successful VR experience: it allows the user to work quickly and efficiently in three dimensions and to create original content. By January 2018, we intend to have a working prototype. in July 2018, we plan on mounting an interactive installation of the project at the Bromfield Gallery, Boston MA.

Rita Leduc 2018
52 St Pod copy
Aurora Pod
Tofte Pod

Patricia Brace, “Deep Thinking Techniques,” 2018

Deep Thinking Techniques, B. R. A. C. E., is an obstacle course, performance-installation that parodies the unjust sociopolitical climate of the United States. Referential of Dadaist theater, DTT uses dance and exercise routines, masks, product design, and new media to create an altered reality, absurdist performance about strange politicians and the politics of perception.

Through an anarchist act of reflection my work starts with embodying the United States political system through a mirror world of intersectional feminism that takes the hybridized form of athletics, dance, product design, new media and installation. Dependent on subjective perspectives for personal truths, I seek to reveal conspiracy and subvert systems that we are legally bound to follow, but ethically unable to support. What is truth in a political system that lies and how do we occupy that space?

Kevin Kelly, “Taco Bell Interior,” 2018
I am currently working on an exhibit for Steckline Gallery at Newman University, slotted for Feburary 2018. The exhibit is titled “Taco Bell Interior,” and will feature drawings and paintings in a variety of formats, all on a common theme.

A. P. Vague, “The Opium Wars,” 2018-
This project uses drawn “negatives” made with vellum and graphite to create photographic-style contact prints on gelatin silver paper. In this process the act of retracing and copying imagery associated with war, conspiracy, and corruption exemplifies the disconnect and obsession in global politics.